Thoughtful + Enlivening

Thoughtful architecture lies at the heart of what we do. We design and create characterful and enlivening spaces that support and enhance contemporary living. We work with spaces outside and in; new and adapted; spaces in which people live and work – spaces that form the urban fabric of our city.

SJM Architects takes a special interest in small to medium scale development schemes. We are excited about enhancing our built environment; extracting each sites’ potential, dealing with context and constraints and producing a unique expression whilst adding value for our clients.

The SJM design approach is dynamic. Our product is generated through engaging with people–centric objectives and the environment, bringing the two together in the most desirable way.

Sustainability as an Imperative

Life and lifestyle are in the continuous process of transformation. Our societies’ and cities’ ever-changing needs are continuously studied to create environments that are proactive and adaptive, as opposed to reactive, in nature. Our approach is to anticipate the needs of the future by making use of the sustainable resources and methods we have available in creating comfortable and enduring buildings.

It is our philosophy that buildings should be used for their intended use for years to come, and should allow for adaptability into the future. At SJM we apply the same approach to valued heritage buildings – bringing new life into old beautiful buildings – as we bring new buildings to life.

SJM Architects is registered with SACAP (South African Council for the Architectural Profession, SAIA (South African Institute of Architects), CIfA (Cape Institute for Architecture) and SAHRA (South African Heritage Resource Agency).



Pr. Arch, B.Arch (UCT), B.Bdg.A (UPE)

“I have extensive experience in residential architecture; designing for people. This ranges from designing small, single habitable spaces to high end residential homes, multi-residential schemes, heritage buildings, as well as high-rise residential buildings. I enjoy the fact that each design scheme is different because we as humans are all intrinsically different.

I enjoy solving puzzles in creating spaces that are enlightening, inspirational and ultimately profitable to the client or end user.”

Upon graduating with distinction in design in 1994 from the University of Cape Town, Sean joined Jack Barnett Architects before heading to London and the United States for the next 11 years. His project experience ranges from dealing with the finer intricacies of museum architecture in a 13th century Welsh castle, with its heritage importance, display and lighting; to the running of multiple high-rise residential condominiums in the USA.
Drawing upon the experience gained in the UK and USA, Sean J Mackay Architects was founded in 2006 upon returning to Cape Town.

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